is the ArcGIS extension for make grids and points theme with interpolate by Kriging's and triangulation method. Last version of extension include Slide Analyst as free function.
include additional 3D functions, interpolation by features, generation of random points.

Current versions:
ArcGIS 9.2 and Net 2.0 Download
ArcGIS 9.1 and Net 2.0 Download 
ArcGIS 9.1 and Net 1.1 Download 
ArcGIS 9.0 (SP3) and Net 1.1 Download

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2D Kriging (free)

Create GRID and points feature class by selected source layer and Z attribute.

How Kriging works
Kriging is an advanced geostatistical procedure that generates an estimated surface from a scattered set of points with z values. Unlike the other interpolation methods, Kriging involves an interactive investigation of the spatial behavior of the phenomenon represented by the z values before the user selects the best estimation method for generating the output surface.

Source layer
Select point, line or polygon feature class from current document.

Z attribute
Select Z attribute from list of fields for current feature class.

Output group
The Variogram method dialog box has several models to choose from. When the Kriging method is set to Ordinary, the available models are Spherical, Circular, Exponential, Gaussian, and Linear. When the Kriging method is set to Universal, the available models are Linear with linear drift and Linear with quadratic drift. The Universal Kriging types assume that there is a structural component present and that the local trend varies from one location to another.
The advanced parameters allow control of the variogram used for Kriging. A default value for Lag size is initially set to the default Output cell size. For Major range, Partial sill, and Nugget, a default value will be calculated internally if nothing is specified.
The optional output variance of prediction raster contains the kriging variance at each output raster cell. Assuming the kriging errors are normally distributed, there is a 95.5 percent probability that the actual z-value at the cell is the predicted raster value, plus or minus two times the square root of the value in the prediction raster.
Low values within the output variance of prediction raster indicate a high degree of confidence in the predicted value. High values may indicate a need for more data points

2D Feature Kriging (free)

Native Kriging by selected features (points, polylines, polygons) class

3D Kriging (plus)

Create 3D points feature class by selected source layer with Z and additional attribute

3D feature Kriging (plus)

Native 3D-Kriging by selected features (points, polylines, polygons) class

3D Surface (pro)

Create isosurfaces by 3D points theme and attribute

Create Slides Class (free)

Calculate attributes density and relations.


Interpolation by raster & Geoprocessing (free)

Tools for make of the interpolations lines by raster

Interpolation by mesh (plus)

Create isolines on surfaces, sections and other triangles mesh


Interpolation By Triangulation (pro)

Interpolation by triangulation

3D Interpolation & Geoprocessing (plus)

Tools for make of the 3D interpolations lines


Create Triangulation (pro)

Tools for make of triangle polygon layer by points

Create Section (pro)

Tools to generation of feature classes by direction

Create Section By Plane (plus)

Create Section By Plane

Create Section By Profile (plus)

Create Section By Profile

Create track (plus)

Create track


Convert Raster to points (free)

Convert selected from drop down list raster to Output Points layer

Convert objects to 3D (free)

Set 3d values to points (verticles) for the selected source layes. Uses attributes of the source layer, GRID or constant value

Convert Mesh To Triangulation (pro)

Convert Mesh To Triangulation 



Import Objects To Mesh (plus)

Import Objects To Mesh 

Import Objects To Voxel Mesh (pro)

Import Objects To Voxel Mesh


NDVI calculator

NDVI calculation

Raster calculator

Raster calculation


Expression Points

Random 3D Points (free)

 Make 3D grid of points with random values

Random Points 2D (free)

 Make grid of points with random (0..1) values

 Random Point in Ellipse (free)

 Random Point in Ellipse